Production Data

  • period into a MS SQL Server Database as history. Storage can be triggered by different kinds of events:
    • Trigger bit:     Storage on a positive flank of the configured trigger bit signal.
    • Trigger value: Storage on each value change of the configured trigger signal.
    • Interval:         Storage in a fixed interval (every x seconds).
    • Point of time:  Storage on a defined point of time (f. E. at 14:30 o'clock every
                       day) or generally daily, weekly, monthly (without fixed time).

  • The display is divided into up to 10 tabulator sheets. Up to 10 signal values can be stored with timestamp on each sheet.

  • Additional manual storage of current signal values available for the sheets having the triggers interval or point of time.

  • The current / historical views can be viewed, printed and exported.

  • Additional "Tachograph" sheet for device action protocolling available.

  • Special solutions available on customer demand.
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