Maintenance Database

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance with reminder function for easy pre-planning and increased flexibility in planning and execution (short, medium and long-term planning) for complete sites equipment in one application.

  • Triggers for the activities are operating time counters resp. cycle counters that can be gathered from the crane PLC's daily by the SIS Service Data Collector (automatically) as well as elapsed days since last execution.

  • Exact calculation of service due dates depending on elapsed days, accurate prediction of due dates based on real operating time.

  • Extensive filter options: Site/Terminal/Crane, Schedule/Component/Service,
    Date and User.

  • Service activities can either be specified by the manufacturer or can be added
    by the user.

  • Manuals can be linked to service schedules.

  • Service confirmation with date of execution, duration, name of user, optional remarks and attachments as f. E. photos.

  • History of service confirmation available (log).

  • Displayed preview and history lists can be printed to PDF file.

  • Password secured access to the client interface for multiple users at the same time

  • User administration with several roles (admin, user admin, service director, technician) included. Full access to services of all sites can be assigned as well as restricted to single cranes / terminals.

  • Server application based on Meteor platform using a modern MongoDB database for data storage. Writing to a separate MS SQL Server database simultaneously can be configured.

  • Client interface can be called from any modern internet browser like f. E. MS Internet Explorer, MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
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