Post Mortem

  • Analyze PLC values with the accuracy of PLC cycles, triggered f. E. by a fault occurrence to provide additional support for quick fault tracing and removal

  • PLC side monitoring and recording of defined signal values for each PLC cycle

  • Amount of signals and amount of cycles to monitor can be configured

  • A trigger event is used to stop the monitoring after recording a pre-defined amount of additional cycles

  • Transfer of monitored cycle values to the SIS PC via fast OPC interface (approx. 30 sec. transfer duration) after the recording has stopped

  • The SIS PC acknowledges the receipt of the data and enables the PLC side monitoring again

  • Data is stored with timestamp to the local hard disc for further evaluations

  • Use the SIS Post Mortem Viewer to comfortable view the recorded values plotted against the PLC cycle no. axis (time)

  • Select up to 8 signals and view their values in a trend display similar to the Data Logger

  • Load / save functions for the signal selection

  • All functions of the Data Logger trend display are available, including a new "Goto Cycle…" function for quick navigation

  • Print the trend or export the displayed data as text file (CSV)
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