SIS - Service Information System

Reliability, maintainability and availability of lifting gears under the conditions of high performance and low costs is a target in almost every terminal. The Service Information System (SIS), originally developed for all kinds of cranes but also able to serve other equipment is designed to assist the personnel to achieve this target.

For optimum utilisation of capital-intensive transportation facilities as well as to minimise vessel service time and to cater for the need for rapid and reliable data transfer between the equipment and a control or remote service station, the SIS was developed to serve the entire chain of transportation in the plant. The SIS is easily adaptable to the specific requirements of each operating site.

The SIS receives the data from the PLC of the crane and transmits information to the PLC. It consists of several main modules that processes the transferred information. Each of the modules can work independently. Access to the modules is protected by password.

Different tasks or modules can run in parallel on Microsoft Window basis. Changing from one task or module to one another is effected simply by pressing a key combination. Function keys and buttons are arranged in a manner to give the user quick access to the relevant data and to allow easy system handling. Circuit diagrams can be called up on the screen and be printed out on request.

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